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Responsibilities Handled by the HOA Management Company

When it comes to the effective running of a community, you should rest assured that it would be a great challenge for a homeowners association. It would not be wrong to suggest that a homeowner association or HOA has been deemed a charge for managing the routine business affairs of the corporations. They would also be required to maintain a balance of the wants and needs of the neighborhood community. However, these responsibilities would be more than a volunteer could or wish to handle without professional assistance. 

When managing a community becomes overwhelming for the volunteer board of directors, several HOAs would look forward to hiring an HOA management company for effectively carrying out their community management services. At times, the lines could be hazy for delegating the work to either party. It may also be unclear where the homeowners stand. 

Let us take a closer look at the responsibilities of a Flagstaff HOA management service along with how they could benefit your community at large. 

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The most common services handled by HOA Management Company would be as follows: 

  • Administrative services 
  • Site management 
  • Accounts receivable or payable management 
  • Accounting services 

Let us delve briefly delve on the aforementioned responsibilities of an HOA management company. 

Administrative services 

The HOA manager would be experienced and expert in community management. They would have a decent idea of navigating through any untoward situation that a community may come across through proper means of communication. A decently developed HOA management team would be able to provide easily accessible support for various administrative services handling needs. 

Site management 

The site management has been a largely important piece of property management needs. Lack of following the rules would lead to home values running the risk of decreasing and the community posing a negative image. Therefore, the board members should be conversant about the rules of the association along with the means to enforce them properly. 

Accounts receivable or payable management 

Only a professional and experienced HOA management company would have adequate knowledge of delinquent accounts collection. They will have updated knowledge of the state law for making the collection. They would also ensure that notices sent to delinquent accounts are served and compliant with the specific needs. 

Accounting services 

Keeping in mind the accuracy of community finances and the HOA budget, you should rest assured that the HOA manager would adhere to the needs in the best possible manner. They would have the required experience in handling various kinds of complications of the community finances. 


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