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Revitalizing Your Dining Room for 2021


Your dining room has had a rough year taking on new jobs as both an office and a classroom. After all the extra wear and tear, why not give this space a much-needed refresh? With a fresh coat of paint, furniture update and new lighting, your dining room will be ready to keep going that extra mile.   

Fresh Paint 

Every year designers announce the color trends they expect to see throughout the year. This year is no different. As you start to give your dining room an update, look for colors you can find in nature, from rich jewel tones to warm earthy browns. These colors will help you bring the bounty of nature into the room. With a fresh coat of paint, you will find your room starts to feel more alive again.   

New Furniture  

The kitchen table has served multitudes of purposes this past year, and it’s time for an update. While you look at new dining tables Toronto ON, look for designs that compliment your room’s new look while continuing to meet the needs of your family. Meaning it is sturdy enough for everything from school work to kitchen work and all projects in between. With your table in place, you’re ready to put on the finishing touches.   

Updated Lighting  

Life on Zoom has meant that you have become more aware of what good lighting can do for you. Before you finish any dining room remodel, be sure to change out your current fixtures for new lights to brighten the room. The latest trends can bring a touch of contemporary design or traditional refinement to your new space. You may even want to use smart bulbs to let you control it from your phone.    

With your remodel complete, your dining room is sure to become your new favorite room, whichever way you need to use it.   


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