Road Construction May Prove Hazardous to Your Health

Improving roads might be your dream job. With many states putting money into infrastructure, it is a profession that is in demand across the country. However, it is also a dangerous job, one that cannot be taken up by anyone. When deciding to put in some time working on a road crew, you may want to consider the hazards that come with it. Familiarize yourself with these mistakes, so you can avoid becoming a statistic.

Steering Clear of Traffic

Even if roadwork is performed at night with fewer cars on the road, there is still a chance that a vehicle can strike a member of a construction crew. Barricades and lights may not be enough to stop a reckless driver from knocking into equipment and workers. When working at night, the danger may be increased due to decreased visibility. If the road you are working on cannot be closed completely, then you may want to ensure you are taking safety precautions to remain safe.

Equipment Issues

The equipment required to fix a road generally consists of large machines that may be difficult to operate. A workers compensation attorney Orlando, FL would advise you to maintain a good line of sight on heavy equipment. Sometimes, the people who work them are not adequately trained. In some instances, they cannot see what is immediately around them. Thus, a failure to know where these essential tools are may result in an impact with them.

Trench Collapse

Depending on the type of work being done, you may have to dig trenches. Be sure that you are aware of the instability issues with these large holes, especially on highways where cars are still traversing. The vibrations of passing vehicles and heavy machinery may make trenches unstable, and those people working inside more prone to being crushed in a collapse.

Improving roads is crucial to the country’s economic success. Working on them should not be such a risky undertaking.

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