Seek Shipping Services to Ship Your Motorcycle Safely and Conveniently at Affordable Prices

For many their motorcycle is their prized possession and they take a great deal of care. No matter which part of the world you are travelling, you can have your motorcycle with you. However, then the tricky part is transporting your vehicle to far off locations. There are various ways to safely transport your vehicle. The popular options include:

  • Driving all the way in your motorcycle to the destination is ideal for short distances.
  • Shipping via air freight helps you save time. You can get hold of the vehicle the same day you reach the destination, but it is an expensive option.
  • Shipping via sea freight is a budget-friendly option, but it takes weeks to reach the destination. You’ll have to ship your motorcycle days ahead of your travel. This is an impractical option if your trip is a short one.
  • Seek the help of shipping companies who offer both enclosed and open carrier door-to-door transport. Your motorbike would arrive safely at your preferred destination on time.

If you find it hard to trust your vehicle with someone else, you can drive by yourself if it is a short trip. However, you’ll have other belongings to tend to and the journey could be tiring. You can fly to your destination instead and schedule shipping of your motorbike directly to your destination address. You can look up for shipping companies online.

Booking with a shipping company online:

Research online: Go online and shortlist good motorcycle shipping companies based on recommendations from friends and online reviews. If you are looking for safe and prompt delivery, check out Ship a Car, Inc. They are the leading shipping companies in the US offering fully-enclosed motorcycle transport for maximum protection and promise timely delivery.

Compare prices: Many reputable companies offer shipping at affordable price. Opt for companies that provide free quote. Compare quotes between the shortlisted companies and then make a selection. Generally, large-scale shipping companies charge less since they are constantly shipping many vehicles through different routes. The average cost is as follows:

  • $500 for domestic transport. Expect up to $600 for longer distances.
  • $200 to $300 for short distance transport
  • $1000 to $2000 for long distance transport

The cost varies depending on a number of factors including condition of motorcycle, present fuel rate, cost of insurance fees, manufacturing company of bike, shipping distance, time of the year and shipping method.

Take note of the fine print: Before making payment go through the fine print to make sure you won’t be slapped unexpectedly with surcharges.

Preparing your bike for shipping:

Before the shipping team arrives for pickup:

  • Clean the motorbike thoroughly
  • Click pictures of damages like dents and scratches so that so you easily spot damages that occur during transit (if any)
  • If you have fixed extensions like mirrors or large windshields remove them.
  • See that the tires are fully inflated
  • Check if there are any oil leaks
  • Leave the tank at least quarter-full
  • Remove electronics like GPS
  • Have spare keys handy

Choose the shipping agency after confirming its reputation. Reliable companies make sure your motorcycle is shipped safely and undamaged.

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