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Signs Your Well Pump Is Failing

When it comes to your well pump, there aren’t a lot of signs of a problem. Usually, you will find out there is an issue when things simply aren’t working like they used to.

While this is true, there are some things you can watch for. Keep reading for the signs that you should call the professionals for well pump services Tampa.

Water Pressure Fluctuations

There are a few reasons that you may experience water pressure changes in your home. These changes don’t always mean that the well pump is going bad. While this is true, it is still a good idea to check with the professionals to know for sure. Your well pump operates on an electric motor. If the motor stops working, you will see a difference in water pressure.

Clicking or Other Sounds

The pressure tank holds a bladder that is full of air. It is similar to the tube that is in a bike tire. The bladder may lose or leak air. If this happens, you could begin to hear a clicking sound. This is likely going to come from the pressure switch in the system’s pressure tank.

This happens when air from the bladder escapes and moves into the tank. This can cause a lot of issues, so it is a problem you need to have addressed right away to avoid the need for more serious and expensive repairs.

Faucets That Spit

If the pressure tank bladder is leaking, it could also cause air spurts or the faucets in your house to spit. This can occur from time to time, but if it continues, it may shorten your well pump’s life.

As you can see, there are a few signs that a well pump is failing or damaged. Keep the tips here in mind to know when it is time to call for service or repairs.

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