Suggestions on Selection of Bluetooth Speaker and Smart Speaker

In the past two years, the development of artificial intelligence and voice interaction technology has been rapid. Smart speakers and Bluetooth speakers have become popular. Major producers have spent a lot of money and energy in this field. They have introduced many new products. For many users, they cannot distinguish Bluetooth speakers from smart speakers. Today’s article tells users what Bluetooth speakers and smart speakers are. It will tell you the differences between them.

Bluetooth speakers and smart speakers are similar in appearance. They all play music wirelessly. There is no restriction of the line. They are similar in appearance and volume. Both of them are small volume speakers.

They are different in interior. First, they are connected in different ways. The Bluetooth speaker contains a Bluetooth chip inside. Bluetooth has replaced the traditional wire connection of audio equipment. It connects with smart phones, tablet computers or laptops. This is through Bluetooth chips. It can achieve the purpose of sound source input. The smart speaker connects to the wireless network through WiFi. It can obtain sound source input.

There are great differences in their functions. Because Bluetooth speakers are connected to smart devices through Bluetooth chips. We cannot separate them from smart devices such as mobile phones. Once detached, it will not be usable. After the Bluetooth speaker connects to the smart device, it takes over the audio playback of the phone. The Bluetooth speaker will make all the sounds made on the mobile phone. The WiFi connection adopted by the smart speaker can be separated from other intelligent devices. It is without attaching any other external devices. The smart speaker equipment connected to the network can play music. It can listen to news and check the weather. It can cooperate with other equipment to control household appliances.

The other is the price. The smart speaker has stronger functions. Their price is high. The price of Bluetooth speakers is cheaper. The better Bluetooth speakers in the market include HUAWEI’s HONOR Mini speakers. At present, this Mini Speaker for sale in UK. It is worth buying.

I hope that users can understand the difference between smart speakers and Bluetooth speakers through this article. Users can judge when deciding whether to choose Bluetooth speaker or smart speaker.

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