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The 5 Cheapest Places to Buy Property in the USA

Everyone wants to buy a property or be the owner of a house. Most people spend their entire lives saving money just so they could be able to own a residence of their own in their middle or old age. However, some have it easier. For some, the journey of buying property is not as long. This is because they somehow manage to find those few places which sell at cheap rates.

In the United States of America, you can find property of all kinds at multiple rates. There’s something for everyone. Certain places in America are affordable in terms of buying property. Here is the list of 5 of the cheapest places in the US to buy property in.

5) Augusta, Georgia

Augusta is a beautiful city that is situated in Georgia. The summers in Augusta are very hot and humid while the winters are only mildly cold. This city is, however, quite well-known for having cheap rates of houses. You can find an average house in Augusta for a family to live in for about $98,233 or even less. This is the normal price range for a house that would comprise three to four bedrooms and one to two bathrooms.

4) Buffalo, New York State

Buffalo is the second-largest city in the state of New York and is famous for having affordable rates of property. It is also believed that in terms of safety and security, Buffalo city cannot be trusted much. However, the rates of houses are cheap there. The price for an average house according to Quick Property Buyer that comprises three to four bedrooms and bathrooms would be as low as $97,288.

3) Lithonia, Georgia

Lithonia is another city in Georgia that sells property at quite affordable rates. It is believed that April, May, and October are the most comfortable and pleasant months to live in Lithonia. However, the summer heat can get quite unbearable and unpleasant in this city. The cost of living in Lithonia is also lower as compared to other places in the United States of America. The cheapest rate at which you could be able to get an average house of two to three bedrooms in this city would be $94,076.

2) Park Forest, Illinois

Park Forest is a beautiful village in Illinois, Chicago. Most people love to visit the park forest and even want to live in it because it’s quiet and peaceful. The people in this place are also said to be very warm, friendly, and helpful. Park Forest is well-known for having rather cheaper properties as compared to other places. The price for an average house for a family to live in according to Wales Cash Buyers would be $75,647 in Park Forest.

1) Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland is often known by the nickname of “The Forest City”. It is a place with extremely cheap and affordable property rates. Although, the issue with living in Cleveland is that you could have trouble finding employment. However, if you are someone who has retired or who is not looking for a job, Cleveland is the perfect place for you to save up your money while buying a house. it even has great schools for your kids to go to. The price for an average three to four-bedroom house in this city would be approximately $64,993 or even less.

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