The Benefits and Drawbacks of using SEO or Hashtags to Market Your Business on Instagram

Instagram SEO Benefits

When it comes to marketing your business on Instagram, deciding whether to prioritise SEO or hashtags can be difficult. Both offer advantages and disadvantages, so it’s critical to assess your objectives before choosing a choice. The following are some of the benefits and drawbacks of each strategy:

Benefit: You may reach high targeted audience.

You can guarantee that your profile is viewed by those who are interested in what you’re doing by adding relevant keywords. Instagram SEO, if implemented right, can be a highly successful method of reaching out to potential clients. If you offer skincare goods, for example, including keyword phrases in your account and posts will assist individuals who search for “skincare” or “beauty” locate your account.

Benefit – You will see organic growth

Once it comes to growing a following on social media organic growth is always the best way to go. And you can accomplish just that using Instagram SEO. By selecting relevant keywords and delivering value to your readers, you may steadily increase your following.

Benefit – Individuals who come across your profile are more likely to become clients.

If an individual searches for your brand on Instagram, they’re probably already fascinated by what you do. That increases their chances to become clients than someone who comes across your account by chance.

Benefit – Your profile will appear more prominently in search results.

The greater your profile ranks in search results, the more likely it is that others will find it. This can offer you a significant competitive advantage over brands that do not employ Instagram SEO.

The Drawbacks of Instagram SEO 

Drawback – It might take time to research and apply the appropriate keywords.

Finding the appropriate keywords for your business may be time-consuming and difficult. Once you’ve discovered them, you must ensure that you’re utilising them appropriately in both your profile and your posts. Otherwise, you won’t get the desired outcomes.

Drawback – High Quality Content is must to rank on top of the Search Results

To score well in search results, you must have high-quality content. Your postings must be well-written and appropriate to your target audience. If they aren’t, you won’t get the same results as an individual who uses Instagram SEO properly.

The Benefits of Hashtags

Benefit – You Have the Potential to Reach a Larger Audience

Hashtags are a simple technique to make your material visible to those who aren’t currently following you. This implies you’ll be able to reach a larger audience than if you solely used Instagram SEO.

Benefit – Hashtags are simple to employ and don’t take much time or work.

Simply include relevant hashtags in your postings, and your material will be displayed to everyone who searches for those hashtags. This is far easier than attempting to find and use the proper keywords.

Benefit – They can assist you in connecting with similar individuals and businesses.

Hashtags can help you connect with other businesses and people who share your interests. This can help you create relationships and expand your audience.

The Drawbacks of Hashtags

Drawback- You Might Reach People Who Aren’t Interested in Your Product or Service

If you employ too many irrelevant hashtags, you risk reaching out to people who are uninterested in what you do. This might result in you wasting time and effort.

Drawback – Standing Out in a Crowd Can Be Challenging

With so many individuals utilising hashtags, it can’t be simple to make your content stand out. People may struggle to locate your material unless you utilise famous hashtags or ones particular to your field.

Drawback – If you overuse certain hashtags, you may be barred from using them in the future.

You may be barred from using hashtags if you use them irresponsibly or in a way that violates Instagram’s standards. This means that users who use certain hashtags will no longer be able to find your content.

Furthermore, constantly try multiple hashtag variants to discover which ones produce the most interaction for your account. Following these tactics will help you improve traffic and reach to your Instagram page, allowing you to build your company on this social media network. 

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