The Best Ways to Clean Up a Hoarding Situation

If you are dealing with a situation where a family member or friend was hoarding and they have asked you to help them clean up, it’s necessary to know what kind of issues you might be dealing with. Learn how hoarding can be the result of multiple issues and how you can help your loved one work through them.

Understand the Psychology Behind Hoarding 

Hoarding is more than just a problem of trying to collect different things or save items with the thought that they will become useful again. It’s helpful to understand the psychology behind hoarding so you know what your loved one is going through. Once you understand, you can help them target how they plan to clean.

Get Rid of Obvious Junk 

One of the best things to do is get rid of obvious junk right away. Take a look at your friend or family member’s yard, and help them throw away things that they no longer need or use. You can find programs that get rid of junk cars Sussex County NJ. This can go a long way in making their yard look normal again, while allowing them to focus on other areas.

Continually Work With the Hoarder 

Many individuals who have a hoarding problem will often try to end the cleaning process early, feeling their issues are not that bad and don’t require intervention. Working with them on a consistent basis ensures they get the area cleaned and get the help they need so the problem doesn’t repeat itself.

If you have a loved one with hoarding issues, it’s helpful to understand what caused them to start in the first place. Get rid of the junk that is obvious, like old cars or lawn mowers, so you can work on the inside of the house. Consistency is key when helping a hoarder clean up their home.

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