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The Importance of Being Well-Lit

Lighting is often an afterthought in design. It’s functional; you can’t see what you’re doing if your space isn’t well-lit, but how often do you really think about your lighting fixtures? Do you ever consider them as part of your interior design scheme? They can have a huge impact on the tone and feel of a space, so it’s well worth consideration.

Kinds of Lights

There are more different kinds of lights available now than ever before. There are smart lights that change color with the sunset, to help your circadian rhythms flow better. There are old-fashioned Edison bulb lighting Kansas City or your area to give that vintage feel. What kind of bulbs do you have and what kind of light are they producing?

Color and Tone

The color, tone, and intensity of light play an important role. People tend to prefer warmer, softer lights for living and sleeping spaces but brighter, more intense lights for working and functional spaces. Light is an important trigger in our brains. Soft light indicates that it might be bedtime, while harsh light keeps us awake. It’s the kind of trigger that most people don’t notice most of the time, but it has an effect nonetheless.

Reflection and Diffusion

We tend to think of light the way we think of temperature. Either a room is light or dark, the same way it is warm or cold. This doesn’t take into account light’s essential qualities. Light bounces off of things and gets diffused, more the way sound does. What matters almost more than the source of the light is the direction it travels and what’s in the way.

All of these factors combine in complex ways to make light an important part of your home’s decor. Pay attention to your lighting and take your home’s interior to the next level of design.

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