The Lightning Alert App

Right now you are thinking, “What do I need a lightning alert app for?” Actually it’s quite simple, to save your life. Most put lightning strikes with golfers. However, that is not true. Only 5% of lightning deaths are direct hits, the rest are side splashes, contact, and the most which are ground current from hitting a nearby object. Currently, only about 50 deaths happen in the US, however, 24,000 are recorded worldwide.

If you live in a highly active area for lightning strikes, such as Florida, or Texas where most deaths happen. However, there are also high incidences in Arizona, Arkansas, Mississippi, and New Mexico. Lightning incidents happen in the USA mostly between May and September. An easy way to remember it is it is almost the same as Hurricane season. Most incidents tend to happen in the afternoon and early evening. This is because more people are out and about at these times.

Back to the facts. You don’t have to be a golfer to worry about lightning. Being out in the water, whether the ocean, lake, or river, makes you a magnet. You could be swimming, fishing, on a boat, or land, boating, rafting tubing and more. Camping is another place people get injured if they are out in the open. Employees working on trees, telephone poles, anywhere elevated, are also at risk. People playing in a park, walking, or playing sports can be affected.

Places like Florida and Texas now have lightning alert sirens at sporting fields, and golf courses. They go off when lightning storms are coming. You have between eight and fifteen minutes to seek shelter, inside or under a roof, never near a tree. These are great tools that are utilized to protect people outdoors when they do not know a storm is coming. In these two states, storms can pop up very quickly.

So what happens when you live in an area that does not have these sirens, or you are not near a sports field or golf course? You get the new lightning alert app installed on your phone. This is an excellent tool that everyone should have, no matter where you live. If you are traveling, it will work wherever you go. All employees should also have them installed on their work phones as well.

If you have children, their phones should also have this app installed. If their friends don’t have it, it may well save their lives as well. Not only does this app give you lightning alerts, it also can tell you the weather for the area. You will be prepared for any weather updates with this app, and can change plans if needed.

An added extra feature most people miss is the air quality alert. What? Air quality? What is that? This lets you know about the pollen count, or even heavy smog, such as in California, or even China. Don’t wait till next Spring to get an app installed. Start researching now, check out all the reviews and decide which is the best for you in your area.

Remember though, these apps will work, wherever you go. You don’t know the climate and weather that happens all over the world, so it is a good idea to have one on your phones to keep you and your loved ones safe. It only takes a few seconds from the time you see lightning to get to safety before another one strikes. Get the app and get to safety earlier.


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