The Party Must Have Been A Good One – Now You Need Bail

You remember flying through the air backwards as his fist hit your face, and then nothing else – until you woke in the hospital a few hours later. You may have been covered in alcohol, but you would swear you only had a couple of drinks, so you don’t know where all the liquid that they say drenched you came from. After you woke, you found yourself carted off to the jail where you are waiting – and you are not sure what you are waiting for. Here are a few things you should know about getting arrested.

  1. The Arraignment Comes First

Once you are arrested, you will be fingerprinted and photographed. Then you get to sit in a cell or containment room and wait for your arraignment. You may be interrogated about your memories and movements on the night in question, but other than that, you can expect more waiting – until the arraignment.

  1. The Judge Comes Next

When you finally get your hearing, it will be nothing like the arraignments you have seen on TV. You will be told by a judge what you are charged with, there will be a discussion of your actions and responsibilities, and then a bail amount will be set for your release. You will then be taken back to wait.

  1. The Bail Finally Arrives

Once your family and friends are able to get the bail amount together and contact the bondsman Scranton PA, you will be processed and released. Your release is conditional, however. Your bond is a promise to return to the court for any and all scheduled appointments or meetings.

The not-so-funny-thing is that once you get home, you still have to wait – and you have to stay out of trouble. So, stay out of bars and stay away from flying fists, and remember to go back to court when you are scheduled to do so – so you don’t end up back in jail.

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