The Qualities And Advantages Of A Ball Screw HBN

What Is Meant By Ball Screw?

A Ball screw HBN (บอลสกรู HBN, which is the term in Thai) is a high-performance mechanical device which converts rotational motion to linear motion with an efficiency of 98%. Ball screws achieve this by employing a revolving ball mechanism, in which ball bearings slide along a threaded shaft between the axis of the screw and the nut. The screws tend to bear high thrust and low friction. As a result, this characteristic of the ball screw makes it phenomenal for low energy consumption with high load-bearing capacity.

What Makes A Ball Screw Unique?

Ball screw HBN plays a crucial role in manufacturing a wide range of machine tools and devices. Its various characteristics make it a beneficial object in manufacturing machinery tools. Some of the characteristics and usage of ball screw includes:

  • It Has High Accuracy: 

The ball screw possesses high precision, which is why it is used to manufacture many mechanical tools; as a result, ball screws are now made with the world’s greatest level of equipment, and full inspection of the process is done in each of its levels. In manufacturing, favourable control over humidity and temperature is maintained. As a result, a very high standard of results is obtained.

  • It Is Low In Friction: 

It has high transmission energy and low friction. The high concentration of balls in the installation design between the shaft and the nut of a ball screw is directly responsible for the emergence of this use characteristic. It turns out that when this machine is running, the balls are in perpetual movement. As a result, the frictional force is very low, boosting the motion’s effectiveness by increasing its efficiency.

  • It Is Highly Rigid: 

Ball screws are most commonly used when strong axial stiffness is required. Because of the pressure, the axial gap of the ball screw pair can be in a negative state during operation, leading to increased rigidity.

Advantages Of Ball Screw

There are enormous advantages of the ball screw listed below, which makes it an ideal tool to buy:

  • They are very efficient, so very less torque is required
  • They can provide the positional precision and repeatability required for many uses.
  • They can function very well even at low temperatures because they are low in friction.
  • You can adjust it as desired by increasing or decreasing the preload.
  • They have a relatively long shelf life in comparison to other alternatives.
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