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The Qualities of a Great Bathroom Mirror

A good bathroom mirror is an essential bathroom accessory. It can completely transform a space depending on its size, shape, and placement.Also,a modern bathroom mirror design can improve the overall look of your bathroom.

There are several facets to a mirror that can make it impactful to your bathroom design. In choosing which mirror is best for your bathroom, consider the following mirror qualities:

Appropriate Size and Shape

You should choose a mirror proportionate to your bathroom’s overall size and shape. The shape should complement the rest of the space, as well as the theme of the room. Square or rectangular shapes open up the area, while round ones can create an attractive focal point. Consider a frameless design if you’re looking for a more decorative piece. These are great for modern bathrooms.

Enhances Lighting

Another significant advantage to using a mirror is that it helps to bounce light around the room. This can make a small bathroom appear larger than it is. For example, a sconce next to the mirror can help give the illusion of more space. Also, modern mirrors can be installed with LED lights to enhance the ambiance and perform various activities.


Modern mirrors have become advanced that they can now have different features. Bathroom mirrors can be installed with LED lights, Bluetooth speakers, touchscreen timers, and many more. This gives homeowners countless opportunities to modify their mirrors according to their needs.For instance, mirrors can become more efficient when used for storage. Mirrored cabinets are trendy accessories that enhance the room’s beauty and allow you to save space. 

Choosing the right mirror for your home is an important part of any bathroom renovation. Whether replacing a broken mirror or simply updating your decor, you should select a high-quality model that will serve your best interests.

Learn how to choose a mirror for your bathroom design by reading this infographic by Remer, an Australian mirror company. 

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