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Anyone can become a victim of crime, so it is essential to know your rights and be able to exercise them correctly and promptly. The daily, in cooperation with the Insurance Fund, brings a series devoted to the legal information on victims of crime.

Today we will focus on how to proceed correctly if you have been involved in an accident in California. First, we think about the health and lives of people. If you are not seriously injured in a car accident and can react, switch on the warning lights, wear a warning vest and mark the accident site with a warning triangle. All this serves to prevent further, chain accidents, but also to your personal safety.

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If they are at the scene of the injury, give them first aid and call emergency services number. Tell the operator the location of the accident, the number of injured, the number of crashed vehicles and, if applicable, the fact that a liquid is leaking from the vehicle. If you see smoke or hear sparks, it is better not to approach the accident site and wait for the fire brigade to arrive. With the San Diego Car accident lawyer, you better think about the perfectly legal ways he can guide you.

In a car accident in California, there is a risk of injury to the spine, so you should not unnecessarily rescue the injured. If a person is breathing, he is conscious. It is better to leave him in the car unless there is another danger.

If you do not call the ambulance, do not provide first aid, or even leave the scene, you may be prosecuted. Do not drink alcohol or any other addictive substances, relocate vehicles, obtain photo documentation, and secure witnesses.

As a participant in an accident, you must take appropriate measures to ensure that the safety of traffic at the scene of the accident is not endangered; if circumstances so require, you are entitled to stop other vehicles.

When To Call The Police?

You are obliged to call the police whenever:

  • Death or injury resulted in an accident.
  • If material damage exceeding the amount of 100 thousand crowns was caused to the vehicle or transported cargo.
  • Damage to third party property has been caused.
  • You have damaged or destroyed road accessories (barriers, traffic signs, tram islands, etc.) in an accident.
  • You cannot agree on fault.
  • You cannot ensure the resumption of traffic on the road yourself without undue effort.

Contact the Insurance Company

It is recommended that you have an accident report form with you in the vehicle. There is also the so-called Californian Accident Record, which is available from insurance companies or on the website of the Ministry of Transport.

This form is designed so that participants do not forget to state in the essential record facts stipulated by law, such as determining the place and time of the accident, identification of accident participants and their vehicles, causes of accidents, the course of the accident and its consequences. If you do not have such a form with you, write everything down, for example on paper or take a photo of the documents with your mobile phone.

Always request an identity card and a green card from the culprit. Make a note of the name, surname and address of the driver and owner of the vehicle, the type and license plate of his car, the insurance company where the perpetrator of the accident is insured, and write down the green card number. If the perpetrator of the accident refuses to provide you with the data, you can search for them yourself according to the license plate in the database of the Czech Insurers’ Bureau.

Be wary of offers for assistance from providers who accidentally appear at the scene of an accident and are not the contractual assistance services of your insurance company or the contractual assistance services of the insurance company of the culprit. You can take the help of the car accident lawyer in such cases as well.

The Insurance Company

The lawyers recommend calling your insurance company, where the assistance service will advise you on how to proceed correctly, or ensure towing of the immobile vehicle. If you are not the culprit of the accident, the assistance service will be covered by the compulsory liability of the culprit of the traffic accident in California.

Unfortunately, practical experience shows that victims of crime do not know what rights they are given by law in criminal proceedings and to what compensation they are entitled to, even though law enforcement authorities adequately instruct them.


These entities often call themselves so-called compensation centres and the like and are backed up only by calculated and ignorant laymen, whose aim is not to assist victims, but only to get rich at the expense of victims, despite their difficult life situation. The accident lawyer will be there at your side.

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