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The Thing To Check When Renovating The House With The Mirrors

Decorating condominium with a wall mirror is a new trend. Mirrors make your condo look more open, reflect more light, and make a room look bigger. When in the modern world, the living spaces are becoming tighter and tighter, therefore you need to install a mirror n a condo (ติด กระจก คอน โด, which is the term in Thai) to create the illusion of a large room seems like a great idea. But before that, learn a few things that you should check first.

What To Check When Installing The Mirror On The Wall

·       Reflection

Reflecting the light rays is the property of the mirror. Therefore keep in mind what you want to reflect in the mirror. Hang the mirror on the wall, which can help you reflect the architectural element, furniture piece, or painting in the mirror. You need to mix the mirror with the other condominium element that it supports the design and features of your condominium.  Moreover, you can use the mirror to reflect the sunlight in your room by placing the mirror across a window.

·       Placement of Mirror

Since the mirror will reflect anything in front of it, you need to work on the placement of the mirror. To make your decoration with a mirror appealing, you need to find the perfect height and space to install a mirror n a condo.

·       Use Large Mirror

If you have enough wall area to accommodate the large mirror, you need to think about it. Mirrors create the illusion of depth, which makes your room look big. You can accommodate a full-length mirror in the hallway if you like to create an illusion of a big hall.

·       Focal Point

The mirror can be the best focal point, which you need to hang in the dining room. To create more impact, you can cover a wall entirely with mirrors. A covering mirror can be a good feature for your room.

·       Style

Many like to renovate the house to add a new style to their house, which suits the owner or person living in the condo. Mirrors can be used to create any style that you like; no matter what you like, the mirror can be used to create the following styles- edgy, classic, traditional, and modern.

·       Several Mirrors at Once

If you love to go over with the mirror decoration, you can consider creating a gallery wall with mirrors. Do not shy to use several mirrors at once. All you need is to work on the mirror placement when you install a mirror n a condo.

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