The Tragedy of Divorce

No one believes families should stay together when there is enough contention to force the marriage into a shattering end. However, once the divorce begins, there are many problems within the family, the extended family, and in society that most people don’t talk about. If you are thinking about, are in the middle of a divorce, or have just contacted your divorce lawyer Portland ME, here are some things you may want to look out for.

  1. Children

Studies show that it doesn’t matter if the child is young or grown and married; a parental divorce has a lasting effect on the child’s psyche. Blaming themselves, looking for excuses, and deep feelings of sadness are all part of the child’s new world, and that can impact their emotional and mental health, as well as their behavior. Children may also act out because of the tension they feel but are unable to voice.

  1. Finances

Money is tight for everyone after a divorce because divorces are expensive. With custodial battles, fights for alimony, and conflicts over child support, divorces can drag on for years. Remember, when you are fighting your soon-to-be-ex-spouse, you are also fighting against getting your children settled and into a sense of normalcy. Work with your spouse regarding money to help ensure your children are provided for fairly.

  1. Work

You may be surprised that the workplace is significantly impacted when a person is divorced. Depression, anxiety, and stress are all issues that work against the employee and alter the work presence. Divorce also has an impact on health and lowering productivity and work performance.

No matter what stage of the divorce proceeding you are in, make sure you look for signs about the above problems affecting you, your loved ones, and society. It is a sad truth that divorce is a tragedy for everyone involved.

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