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These 3 Home Updates Will Make Cold Weather More Comfortable

You can’t get rid of winter weather unless, of course, you move to the tropics. If you would rather stay in your current home, however, you do have some options for staying comfortable no matter how cold the weather gets. If you are looking to make any improvements around the house before next winter sets in, these three home upgrades are worth a second look. They are designed to help you stay cozy indoors and, as an added bonus, they’ll help you keep utility bills under control.

  1. Convert an Existing Fireplace

Traditional fireplaces may be attractive, but they are also very inefficient. There is also the matter of lugging wood in and out of the house all winter. That is probably why most households don’t rely on them as a primary source of heat. However, you can upgrade an existing fireplace with an attractive gas model that will easily cut through the chill — research home heating services Nokesville to find the right model for your home.

  1. Upgrade the Windows

According to Energy.gov, the heat lost or gained through windows and doors is responsible for a large percentage of your energy use. That makes them a prime candidate for upgrades. If replacement windows aren’t in the budget this year, you still have options. Adding thermal window treatments or special film can help minimize heat transfer through the glass. Weatherstripping and insulation kits placed around window frames can seal gaps and reduce drafts.

  1. Heat From the Ground Up

The shock of stepping onto a cold tile floor can be gone for good with radiant floor heating systems. They provide an even, consistent heat that rises up from the floor to warm the whole room. Depending on the type of system you choose, you may want to hire a professional or order a kit to retrofit flooring on your own.

You don’t have to dread the cold weather when you are prepared for it. Get your home ready by planning one of these functional upgrades.

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