Things to look for while choosing a new printer

Choosing a new printer can be extremely tricky. You have been using a particular printer for a very long time, and to switch suddenly to a new one can be extremely confusing. With the fast-moving time, it has become essential to choose the right printer. Moreover, there are so many models available in the market that you will become confused about what to choose.

Well, if you are one of those confused people when it comes to buying a printer, you will need to consider certain factors. Some of the prominent factors to look for in a new printer include the following.

Stay within the budget

Whenever you are choosing a new printer, you need to ensure that you stick within the budget. The cost of printers varies a lot, depending on the device you are choosing. The upfront cost is one of the biggest problems for the printer. Moreover, ink replacement price also needs to be taken into consideration. You need to check for all the available ink and refills to find the best cartridge.

Print quality

Whenever choosing a new printer, you must take the print quality into consideration. As far as print quality is concerned, laser printers are expected to offer the best, but then they are expensive and have a high running cost. Several factors, however, will affect the print quality, but the main factor you should be checking for is dots per inch. Once you have an idea about the DPI, you will easily be able to determine whether you should get inkjet printers or laser printers.


The speed also has a vital role to play in determining which printer you should be choosing. You would not want to have an extremely slow printer. Slow printers are frustrating and annoying too. Printer speed is measured in terms of pages per minute. Every printer has a different PPM. As a result, you may want to consider everything. Consumer-grade inkjet printers tend to have a high inkjet printer speed.

Extra features

Apart from all these, most of us look for extra features. Some of these additional features include fax, scan, and more. These are, however, available for all-in-one printers.

Before you proceed to buy a printer from, you need to check whether you need a simple printer or an All-in-one. Small considerations will eventually help you make a final decision.

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