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Three Tips for Your Home Fire Safety Plan

Each year, fires cause billions of dollars in losses and the loss of many lives. While most people recognize the need to take steps to prevent fires in their homes, offices, or other building they work in, doing so is often overlooked.

For instance, due to the nature of their business, restaurant owners go to great lengths to prevent fires from breaking out. This often includes restaurant vent hood installation New York. In another case, office building managers must include fire safety instruction in their building management plans.

Just the same, homeowners should have a detailed plan for minimizing the possibility of a fire overtaking their houses. Consider a few tips that will help protect your home and family.

Electrical Cord Inspections

The internal wiring of your home is typically inspected when the home is built so it isn’t necessary to worry about this on a regular basis. However, any external electrical cords that are frayed, cracked, loose, damaged or broken in some other way can prove to be a fire hazard. Your fire safety plan should call for inspecting these regularly.

Fire Escape Plan 

You probably remember when you were in school having fire drills several times a year. The same should be the case in your home. In fact, fire safety experts suggest practicing your detailed fire escape plan at least twice per year.

Install and Test Smoke Alarms

Recommended areas for smoke alarms are bedrooms, hallways, kitchens and other heavily used areas of your home. It is equally important to test the smoke alarms on a monthly basis if possible. Batteries should be replaced once a year. Most smoke alarms should be replaced after ten years.

Although there are other elements that can be included in a home fire safety plan, the three mentioned are a great place to start.

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