Three tips to take care for your leather bags



Leather bags have always been used and liked by both men and women around the world. You can find many types of leather bags online such as office leather bags, travel bags, messenger bags, tourist bag, school bag, handbag, laptop bag, etc. leather bags are beautiful and can be used for a long time.  

If you want your leather bag to look beautiful and last longer, then you must take good care of the leather bag. When you take good care of your leather bag, then it prevents the leather from breaking. If you choose regular care of your leather bag, you can protect it from moisture and avoid mold and inflammation. 


  • Best quality Leather cleaner for cleaning 
  • Leather conditioner for cleaning leather bags 
  • Using few bubble wrap to store
  • Using some tissue paper for cleaning
  • Soft and clean cotton cloth to wipe moisture
  • Suede brush for leather bag cleaning
  • Some quantity of white chalk powder
  • Using dust bag

Below are some tips to take care for your leather bags. If you keep in mind your bag clean by following tips, then you can make your leather bags looking nice in appearance and durable for a long time.

  • Everyday  clean of leather bags 

Make sure that your hands are clean whenever you are cleaning your leather bag. Leather bags absorb oil quickly because leather is susceptible. Leather bags should be cleaned regularly and cleaned with a soft dry cotton cloth. Do not use too much water while washing as the leather takes longer to dry. 

If the leather bag is not dried correctly, due to the moisture remaining in it, there is a fear of mold and swelling. More cleaning should be done at least once or twice a year to remove bag dirt. Use cleaners specifically made for the leather when you are cleaning the leather bag.

  • Some conditions for cleaning

Leather conditioner can perform works like moisturizer for your leather bag. Without using a leather conditioner, the leather will dry and cracked over time.

To prevent drying and cracking, use a leather conditioner with a soft and dry cotton cloth and gently rub the entire bag and clean. Dry the bag completely.

 Use only good quality leather conditioner.

  •  Way to store the leather bag

Store your leather bags fully wrapped in bubble wrap and keep them your wallet in a box. Please don’t use any newspaper to cover the leather bag as it can leave a stain on your wallet. Use a silica gel packet to store your leather bag in a dust bag and protect it from moisture and store it in a box.

To prevent the leather bag from becoming moldy, ventilate the bag once every two weeks. If you store your leather bags carefully wrapped, then you maintain your leather bag shape. 

Some instructions for leather bag cleaning

The first thing is to keep in mind that water should not be absorbed in excess quantity in your leather bag. If this happens, then dry the bag properly and wipe off the moisture. Always dry the leather bag in the air, never use a hairdryer or any cloth dryer. Don’t use alcohol and any acid product; use only leather cleaning products. 

If you follow the above leather bags caring tips, so you can retain the beauty of your leather bag for a long time. When you buy leather bags online, it is also instructions with it for cleaning. You should read and follow the bag, caring instructions.


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