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Tips for Planning a Bathroom Remodel

Renovations, especially bathroom and kitchen remodels, are challenging and costly. However, if your bathroom isn’t working for you, you may be considering a remodel. Before you search for a local contractor, e.g., “bathroom remodeling Neptune Beach,” consider the following tips.

Initial Plan

Your first step should be evaluating your bathroom and determining what you want to change. What are your specific challenges? For example, is there enough light? Is the space adequately used, or could the bathroom be reconfigured to give you better flow and more space? Will you rework the entire space or will you keep the plumbing where it is? These all impact the cost of your remodel.


Your next step should be evaluating the cost of the remodel and reviewing your finances. For example, measure the size of your bathroom and research the average cost of a bathroom remodel in your area. Do you have the budget for a complete remodel? Identify what is essential and start with those costs first. Are there things you can delay changing, such as fixtures, cabinetry or lighting? Remove nonessential changes if you need more room in the budget. Allow for unexpected costs, such as plumbing or electrical. You may also consider financing options, such as home equity loans. Set your budget and keep a spreadsheet of every expense.

Contractor’s Plan

Once you know what you need and have determined your budget, work closely with your contractor to draw up a specific plan. Your contractor may also have suggestions on how to maximize your space and minimize your budget. Carefully plan every detail, including outlet and lighting locations, grout visibility, and colors. Don’t forget storage.

Plan for the Long Term

You don’t want to have to remodel your bathroom every five years, so plan for the future as well. This may mean choosing hardy, long wearing tile and cabinetry that will not go out of style, especially if you plan to sell in the future. A timeless design plan is always best. Add personality and design through your bathroom accessories.

Don’t let the stress of your remodel take you over, work with a reputable contractor to create the bathroom of your dreams.

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