Tips On How To Choose A Guitar For Beginners

The guitar world is vast. This can pose a daunting challenge to beginners when looking for their first guitar. Because there are different guitars for different uses and age groups (adults and kids), it is so easy for a beginner the choose the wrong one. Below are steps on how to choose a guitar for beginners.

Decide on what type of guitar you want

You first need to establish if you want an electric or acoustic guitar. The best beginner guitar is the acoustic one. This is because this type of guitar is easy to learn on as it doesn’t have complicated buttons and knobs for tuning or setting it up. So when it comes to learning, your mind will only focus on how to sound as clear and precise as possible when playing.

You will also have to consider whether to choose a steel-stringed acoustic guitar, or a classic nylon-stringed one. The steel-stringed one is louder and tougher on the fingers, while the nylon-stringed one is quieter and less demanding to play.

You can also choose to start out with an electric one. This type of guitar offers more variety in playing styles, looks, and sound. However, just like with the steel-stringed acoustic guitars, expect to experience some discomfort on your fingers with this one.

Please note that there is no right or wrong guitar to start out with. What you need to do to choose the best one for you is to look at guitarists from your music genre to get an idea of the equipment you should use.

Settle on the shape and style

Choose a style and color that best represents your taste and preferences. If you still aren’t sure on the style and color to choose, you can look at some expensive guitars for inspiration.

Acoustic guitars have less stylistic variation. So if you want one of them, you’ll have to put this into consideration. But when it comes to size, there are a variety of them, all of which produce different sounds. Apart from that, you can choose an acoustic guitar with a body cutaway or one does not have it.

Parlour style guitars have thinner bodies perfect for practice playing when seated, while dreadnought style ones have thick, loud tone. But because of their size, dreadnoughts can be too cumbersome for smaller players. So if you are buying a guitar for a kid or a small-bodied person, ask for small-scale guitars for beginners. The fretboard and necks of these guitars are shorter, therefore, making it possible to play notes without stretching.

You can also find electric guitars for kids, though they aren’t as many as the acoustic ones.

Determine how much you are willing to spend

Decide on how much you are willing to spend. This is important as it will guide your decision on which guitar to finally take home. We strongly advise that you don’t spend more than $300 for a beginner guitar. Doing so would be a waste of money especially if you find out later that it is not the instrument for you.

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