Top 3 Must-See Football Derbies in Africa

The competition is to increase sportsmanship and healthy competition between the players. The rivalry is the most common occurrence during Sports events that makes the match more intensifying. It has been happening for a sustained period between intercity, suburbs, and clubs as well. Every club’s fans claim that their club has witnessed the most intensifying rivalry. As such, in Africa, Soweto derby, Tunis Derby, and super clash and so on are the most known derbies around the continent because they are not the just matches, but also the pride of the club. In this article, we will look at the most famous and must-watch football derbies that give club members some sense of pride to brag about these events.

  • Accra Hearts of Oak versus Asante Kotoko

The event between Oak and Asante Kotoko is one of the sad events in May 2009 that still haunts the audience. These two teams have been longtime rivals, and the clubs have a huge fan base. The police had to use tear gas to control the frustration of the super clash, but this reportedly worsens the situation. Let us remind ourselves that this event should not happen again. It’s a must-watch for the football match at Accra Stadium as the club always tries to excite their fans through various activities.

  • Soweto Derby, South Africa

The premier soccer league between Kaizer chief and Orlando Pirates in South Africa is one of the fiercest matches across the nation. The event had attracted a large fanbase. Two derbies events took place in the past that include The Ellis Park and Orkney Stadium Disaster. According to the news reports, the derby happened due to the intensity and passion of the fans. It has a record as the biggest rivalry in Africa and the world. Even today, the stadium is fully packed with enthusiastic fans cheering up for their favorite teams.

  • Club African vs Esperance – (Tunis Derby, Tunisia)

The derbies between Club African and Esperance have been from ages since 1923. Since their rivalry has been so fierce that their fans always bring a lot of passion and enthusiasm. The enthusiasm from the fans motivate and support their players and to show their best on the ground. These both located in the same city, but during Debry, they play at a bigger stadium that can occupy more than 60k seats. In May 2017 match, the derby increased so much that police had to use tear gas for the confrontation to Club African supporter, and more than 10 Police officers faced injury during the fight. It makes the Tunis Derby a must watch-match for the fans all over the world.

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