Top reasons to visit Albania this time

Are you planning to tour Europe? Don’t forget to visit Albania for Albania holidays are extremely popular worldwide for several reasons.  Albania is certainly a Mediterranean gem and an amazing place to visit. This section will list out the reasons why it is addressed so.

Discover the undiscovered Mediterranean destinations

There are places in Albania not yet trodden by the tourists. These places are mysterious European gems must to explore. Visiting Albania opens a door to rich cultural history and scenic beauty. History of Albania is as old as thousands of years. You will find overcrowded streets and markets in Albania, and also peaceful regions where you hardly find anyone. Come and explore local lifestyle, undiscovered and unexplored nature to please your senses.

Again, the weather of Albania is amazing Mediterranean climate, featuring mild winters and warm summers.

Mesmerizing and stunning beaches 

In Albania, you will find miles of sandy and immaculate coastline. So, enjoy pebble and sandy excitement out here. Albania holidays will lead you to the best beaches featuring crystal clear waters, simply irresistible. So, enjoy a refreshing dip in the turquoise water.

Opportunity to explore mountain ranges

Nature lovers will enjoy every bit of Albania for there are mountains, seas and forest areas. Albania is dominated by prominent mountain ranges like Albanian Alps and Pindus Mountains. Pindus Mountains and Alps are often referred to as the backbone of Albania. These mountain ranges feature alpine lakes, glacial lakes and diverse natural resources. If you love skiing, then don’t miss out skiing in Albania.

UNESCO Wonders and historical sites

If you admire old archeological sites, then you cannot miss out Albania which is close to Greece.  As a history buff, you may explore archeological sites and UNESCO heritage sites.

Mouth-watering cuisines

Besides phenomenal natural scenery and wonderful weather, Albania is popular for good food. Due to the coastal location, the region serves delicious and lip-smacking seafood. Enjoy a selection of shrimp, octopus, fish and squid, freshly served. You can also relish the taste of grilled pork, some chicken and a variety of juices.

A budget-friendly travel destination

For all these, you need not spend a fortune. Albania holidays are easy for the wallet as the lodgings and accommodations are cheaper.  A well-furnished modern apartment with a stunning sea view can charge $40 per night.

People of Albania are friendly, approachable and cultured. You can make good friends for the Albanians treat their guests in a warm manner. The place is safe and the weather magnificent.

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