Top Tips for Hiring a House Cleaning Service

For the vast majority of homeowners, cleaning is a task that is the epitome of the word chore. Most people don’t enjoy it and it takes up a lot of time and energy. If you’re looking into taking this major item off of your to-do list by hiring a cleaning service, here are some tips to help you find the company or individual that will work best for you and your home.

Interview Cleaners

It may take some time to find the professional cleaners Pittsburgh PA that you connect with. It’s a great idea to start asking around to see what companies are used nearby. Talk to neighbors and friends to see who they use and make a list. Choose your top three and have them come in for an interview. They can also give you an estimate while they are at your house.

Run a Background Check

Most cleaners come during the day when you may be out of the house. This means you may want to know who you’re allowing to come into your home while you aren’t there. A background check can be an excellent way to ensure the people coming in to clean don’t have any past issues.

Specify Needs

Once you have a cleaning service in place, make sure you tell them specifically what you want to be cleaned up. Many places have a checklist they run through of basic housekeeping essentials, but if you want something special done, you have to let them know.

Build Trust

It takes time to build trust in any relationship and this is no different. Over time you will get to know the people who come to your home. You will notice how reliable and efficient they are and you will be more comfortable leaving your belongings in their care.

Don’t be surprised if you go through a couple of housekeepers before you find the right one. This little luxury is well worth the time it takes to find the best service.


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