Types of cosmetic dental solutions procedure

When you stand in front of your mirror, are you always comfortable and satisfied with the quality of your smile? If the type of smile you have does not give you confidence and you end up avoiding photos like the plague or covering your mouth whenever you smile, you need to schedule a meeting with a cosmetic dentist.

The majority of cosmetic smile makeover procedures that many people seek are usually elective rather than necessary. Some cases of treatment also provide aesthetic tooth restoration benefits to patients. Some of these procedures are complex to have dental implants and need focused care, while others are simple. Here are the different types of procedures you can get at Cosmetic Dentistry in Gainesville.

Inlays and Onlays

This cosmetic dental procedures are used in cases where a patient has doesn’t have enough tooth structure to support filling or in instances where one has teeth decay.  An inlay is usually placed on the tooth surface directly, while an outlay is used to cover the entire tooth surface. They are both used in aesthetic tooth restoration to strengthen teeth, keep them in good shape and avoid further tooth decay. These procedures will enhance patient teeth, restore their shape and prevent damage.

Composite bonding

This procedure is performed to better teeth options, decaying, discolored, or damaged using materials that look like the tooth enamel in color. A dentist will drill decay teeth and then smear the composite onto the tooth surface and then mold it into a tooth’s shape. This procedure is used to repair damaged teeth to give them a healthy appearance. Additionally, the process is not expensive, and you can go for it to get rid of your decay teeth, crooked edges, and cracked chipped teeth.

Dental veneers

This procedure is performed on a patient who has crooked teeth, damaged enamel, or cracked teeth. The dentist will apply veneer to the affected teeth. A veneer is a medical graded ceramic that resembles natural teeth, and it is manufactured using high-quality ceramic. Veneers can be used to fix several dental complications such as crooked, cracked teeth, or damaged enamels.

Teeth whitening

When you have discolored teeth, teeth’s whitening is one of the procedures you can go for at a cosmetic dentist clinic. The dentist will perform the bleaching and whitening procedure once they have removed the plaque and other debris on your teeth surface to restore their natural beauty. Your teeth may develop stains due to food, medication, drinks, or other personal habits like smoking.

Dental bonding

Your dentist will apply a tooth-colored resin in a dental bonding procedure, a durable plastic substance-using laser light or ultraviolet to bond or attach the substance to your teeth. Afterward, the dentist will shape, trim and polish it. This procedure can be used to repair decayed, misaligned, or cracked teeth. Additionally, it can protect your vulnerable tooth roots from gum recession. The procedure can be performed for 30 to 60 minutes for each tooth, and it is relatively painless.


Braces are orthodontic tools that a dentist will use to align your teeth correctly. Orthodontist usually recommends them to their patient over the other available cosmetic procedures because when you have misaligned teeth, you may develop other dental health problems.


If you are missing a tooth or teeth, your cosmetic dentist can use dentures to replace them by taking it out and returning it back. It is available in two options: complete dentures and partial dentures. This procedure is important to protect a patient from experiencing the negative effect of losing a tooth.

Finally, it is essential that as you consider going for a cosmetic dentistry procedure, find a highly experienced and skilled dentist who offered a wide range of cosmetic services to regain your confidence and smile back.

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