Types Of Guitar Amps

If you are a member of a band or an entertainment group, you must have a wide range of equipment, key among them being a guitar amp. A drum set, different types of guitars and high-quality microphones are basic necessities. It is important to note that there are many types of guitar amps on the market. Whichever type of amplifier you want to use with your guitars, it is recommended you look for the highest quality guitar amp. To make an informed decision regarding the best amp to purchase, you need to know the different types of guitar amps on the market.

Types of Guitar Amps

Tube Amps

This is one of the oldest types of amplifiers on the market. After all, these amplifiers use vacuum tubes, which most people in the technology industry consider obsolete. In the entertainment industry, however, vacuum tubes are still in use and they are incredibly effective. If you want to produce a musically-responsive and dynamic tone, consider buying a tube amp. These guitar amps have large glass tubes in the amplifier, which usually glow orange and generate heat the more they are used. Playing a guitar through the tubes makes you believe that the amplifier is playing along with you and produces an amazing tone.

It is important to note that tube amps are usually bulky and heavy. They are also more expensive than other types of amps. In addition to that, replacement parts are not easy to come by and these devices usually burn out more often than other types of amps.

Solid State Amps

This is the most popular guitar amp on the market. The amplifier uses printed circuit boards with transistors mounted on the boards. Most entertainers love solid-state amps because of the amazing tone it produces, including distorted sound. They are affordable, reliable, light in weight, consistent and offer a wide range of tonal variations and effects. As you may already know, the introduction of transistors made vacuum tubes obsolete, so these devices are more advanced than vacuum tube amps and offer a wide range of benefits.

Hybrid Amps

Whenever you hear the word hybrid, you should know that the technology combines the best of at least two technologies. In this case, hybrid amps combine vacuum tube technology and solid state amp technology to make a superior amplifier that can meet your guitar-playing needs. In a hybrid amp, vacuum tubes are used in the initial stages to process the initial sound. The solid-state circuit then amplifies the signal to drive the speakers. This resultant effect makes the hybrid amp the best option for both your biceps and wallet.

Digital Modeling Amps

The main benefit of tubeless amps is that they are lighter in weight and cheaper to procure. The digital modelling amplifier, for instance, uses a printed circuit board to process the sound. These amps have the ability to imitate sounds, so a digital modeling amp is able to effectively emulate the sound produced by a tube amp.

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