Un-cliché your corporate gifts this Diwali

Everybody that you deal with on a day-to-day basis at your work is invaluable to the success of the organisation. Their immense contribution to the business might you make want to thank them. Expressing your gratitude to your employees, bosses, and clients is an excellent way to maintain a professional relationship.

This festive occasion, give them a special shoutout with these elevated and thoughtful gift ideas to make their day. Go the extra mile for everyone with these options listed down below that are beyond the regular tried and tested corporate Deepavali gifts


  1. Calendar watch

Being a combination of a calendar and a watch, it is a trendy office accessory that easily amps up a workstation. If you’re looking for a classy Diwali corporate gift for your colleagues, boss or clients, gift them a calendar watch to make their festive occasion blissful. You can even add a dash of personalisation to a calendar watch by including the company’s logo or name of the person. 

  1. Suitcase 

Usually, business travels are often a part of the work culture. So use this opportunity to gift your employees an uber-cool suitcase along with a personalised luggage tag. It is one of the unique corporate Diwali gifts for employees who fly from one place to another to close a business deal. This festive season, make them travel in style with the suitcase gifted by you.


  1. Personalised chocolate box 

This Diwali spread joy and happiness with a personalised chocolate box. Whether you’re looking for Diwali gifts for your employees or bosses, choose a premium box of personalised chocolates. Add a special message for everyone at work who make your life behind the desktops fun every day. 

  1. Cardholder 

Many working professionals own a stack of business cards. For such people, a classy cardholder case makes the perfect Diwali corporate gift. A sleek cardholder will let them store their all the cards safely in a case without the fear of misplacing it somewhere in the corner of their bags. This way, they can produce business cards immediately in front of the industry biggies whenever needed. 

  1. Catered lunch

Let’s face it: Everyone gets tired of eating the food made in the canteen. So, surprise your work people, be it your boss or your colleagues with a wholesome catered lunch. Throw them a surprise at work and bring in an unlimited supply of tasty delights, such as gulab jamun, rajma chawal, chole bhature, pani puri, etc.  on Diwali celebrations at work. 

  1. Handwritten card

When in doubt, always send over a handwritten card. Surprise them with a handwritten card off the record to make their festive celebration extra special. After all, what is a corporate gift without an attached note on it? Trust us, it makes one of the perfect customised corporate Diwali gifts to remind your people at work of how their hard work and efforts are valued every single day. 

  1. Personalised golf ball 

Do you and your people at work often discuss golf in your free time at work? If that’s the case, Diwali is a great time to surprise them with a personalised golf ball. Personalise it with their favourite golf teams. You can also invite your colleagues and bosses over for a golf game and gift them these custom-made balls in return. 

  1. Custom-made business folders 

Every handmade gift item leaves a long-lasting impact on each individual. So make their day by giving them personalised Diwali gifts in the form of business folders. A custom-made business folder with a dash of personalisation adds a special meaning to it. This way, your favourite people at work, be it your boss or colleagues will think of you every time they take a folder out to store their essential documents. 

  1. Mobile holder 

Let’s face it: Many of the people are usually on their mobile phone 24×7, except for when on the wheel. But, what will they do if that business call cannot wait while they are steering? Under such a scenario, gift them a mobile holder to use their device in the car. It is one of the useful Diwali corporate gifts for employees, bosses, and clients. 

  1. Mini card Pendrive 

It is one of the purposeful Diwali corporate gifts for every one part of the company. It is the perfect Diwali gift for professionals as well as a classy manner of marketing. Gifting a personalised mini card Pendrive will let you market your brand or organisation name. This festive season, gift a mini card Pendrive which is easy to store as well as simple to handle. 

The above-mentioned Diwali gifts will truly show your appreciation when clubbed with personalisation. Make them feel valued with personalised gifts that will remain in their heart and mind for a long, long time. Before choosing a gift item for them, do your homework well. For more gift ideas, check out this article on corporate gifts ideas in Singapore. Shop for more corporate gifts on their website today! Happy Diwali!

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