Understanding a Personal Injury Claim

Navigating personal injury claims in Maryland can be complicated. It is best to seek guidance and expertise from an experienced attorney to avoid additional stress after an injury. Here are some key things to understand about personal injury claims.

You Need a Specialist

All personal injury claims are not the same. If you search for a personal injury attorney Columbia MD, you will likely find one who specializes in the particular cause of your injury. Areas of expertise include medical malpractice, wrongful death, auto accidents, slip and fall cases and many others. It is best to search on peer-reviewed sites to make your final selection.

You Have Options

Your attorney will carefully review all of the information you provide. Don’t delay in collecting as many details as you can about the circumstances of your injury. They might become much harder to recall when you start to focus on your recovery. Perhaps your attorney will advise you to pursue a settlement with the other side’s insurance company. Alternatively, you might be better off filing a court complaint. Someone with experience handling many similar cases can help you decide which option is better for you.

You Can Choose Court

Filing in court is more complicated than settling through insurance. After your attorney files the necessary papers with the appropriate Maryland court, you must send copies to the defendant within a specific time window. The county sheriff can do this on your behalf for a fee. You can also use certified mail or anyone legally certified to deliver the complaint, but, be sure to acquire proof of receipt.

You Need a Strategy

Your attorney’s expertise with the specific laws relating to your injury can help predict how the defendant responds to your complaint. At this point, both parties usually agree to settle so that they can avoid costly and lengthy litigation. A desirable settlement requires significant time and insight. Still, the alternative of a court and jury trial can take longer and presents higher risks for an unfavorable outcome. Your attorney will know if this is a worthwhile option.

Fees Are Not a Problem

Many people avoid contacting a personal injury attorney because of a misconception that they cannot afford one. Sadly, this incorrect reasoning denies many victims of the resources they need to deal with the consequences of their injuries. Personal injury attorneys typically work on a contingency basis. Their compensation is a percentage of the total amount they win for a case.

Injuries caused by negligence can profoundly impact your life in unforeseen ways. Having a professional who understands this on your side is a crucial part of your recovery.

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