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Understanding the Difference Between A Pillow Sham and A Pillowcase

Many people do not realize the fundamental differences between pillowcases and pillow shams while choosing these. Although they might look pretty similar to you, there are few primary differences between these two items. 

It is essential to identify these points if you want to choose the best ones for decorating your room as per your choices. Therefore, here are some of the amusing details that can help you to distinguish between pillow shams and pillowcases:

About Pillow Shams

The words “pillow sham” refers to a pillow that has a “false front.” According to history, during the 1700s, the professionals manufactured the pillowcases with removable covers. This was done to make the pillows more attractive to the user. Such “false front” cushion covers became popular among the public as pillow shams. 

A sham happens to be a decorative pillowcase that can transform the normal-sized cushion into convenient accessories. The average pillow shams are available in some standard sizes like:

  • Standard sham: 26″ x 20″
  • King sham: 36″ x 20″
  • Euro sham: 26″ x 26″

The difference lies in the fact that pillow shams come with an opening in the middle of its back portion. It also has the presence of a slightly overlapped fabric with a hidden zipper, in most cases. Also, the companies mostly sell these shams in pairs along with a matching duvet cover. These are manufactured out of the same fabric used to prepare the duvet covers as well. 

One can use the pillow shams both for sleeping purposes as well as support for sitting on the bed for long durations. In many cases, people like to invest in these for decorating their bedrooms as well. One can remove these shams entirely before going to sleep. Also, unlike the throw pillows, one can easily remove and wash the cotton pillow shams.

About Pillowcase

Pillowcase refers to the removable coverings for the cushions available in the market. These are mainly meant for protecting the pillows from dust and stains. They usually come with a zipper closure on one side only. Although most of them come with a slit or opening, there are many which do not have any opening. 

These coverings come with minimalistic designs, unlike the pillow shams. Also, these are softer and provide essential comfort to the body. Also, one can place these pillowcases under the pillow shams for sleeping purposes. The standard size of pillowcases ranges from 20″ x 26″ to 26″ x 26.”

Knowing the intricate differences between these two items is crucial for your choices. You need to be sure about your requirements, and these details help one to shortlist the best ones for decorating their bedroom. Also, there isn’t any strict rule about these covers and how these care beneficial in decorating different rooms. Hence, make sure to try out new styles to add some personal touches to your room. 

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