Useful Tips for Writing a Rhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical analysis is a kind of paper that comprises your thoughts and conclusions regarding some piece of writing or art. In this type of written assignment, you should include the aspects of criticism and the principles of rhetoric. Besides, the aim of the analysis is to figure out if the author of the analyzed work was successful in achieving the goal he or she was intended to reach.

In rhetorical analysis, you should cover the following:

  • A brief summary of the text or description of the artwork;
  • A thesis statement in which you will present the main aspects;
  • Body of the paper;
  • Conclusion.

Rhetorical Appeals

The main rhetorical appeals that are necessary for a proper analysis are:

  • Ethos. It refers to the reliability of the author and the text itself;
  • Pathos. It is the emotional appeal. You should describe the feelings that the author provides with the work;
  • Logos. It refers to logical facts that should be provided regarding the argument you have.

Before writing a rhetorical analysis, make sure you properly understand the rhetorical devices ou should use. Moreover, think of the topic that will be close to you. And finally, do not forget about the audience of your paper. 


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