Volleyball Spiking Skill: Training Using Spike Trainers.

Volleyball is among the most popular sports played internationally by both men and women. The spiking technique is very essential in ensuring a satisfactory game outcome. Spiking is a skill that enables a team to gain points and score against the opposing team. A successful spike is made up of a well-articulated run, a calculated countermovement jump, and landing. A good spike requires frequent and consistent practice for athletes and coaches using equipment such as the volleyball spike trainer. Visit the site for more spiking training machines.

Volleyball Spike exercise

Players engage in volleyball spike training to improve their speaking skills and physical conditions. An effective spike is achieved after several attempts until the player masters the skills, techniques, and drills during a spike. The player should learn how to time the ball for a perfect spike, what speed is appropriate for an effective spike and how hard or soft the spike should be. Under all situations, the spike should be hard enough such that the opponent is unable to return the ball or block the spike. Training enables a player to tell when they should spike hard, slow, fast, or slam the ball directly. Volleyball training devices are very useful for both home and field practice by players and coaches training their teams.

Steps to Achieving a Correct Spike.

Approaching the Net

A player is supposed to move towards the net the same way they do when jump serving. They should master the footwork drills to jump the right way before swinging their arms to hit the ball. Depending on the side a player prefers to spike from, there is a foot drill that teaches them how to alternate the left and right foot movement during a spike initiation.

Starting the Swing

Begin by positioning your hitting arm such that the arm is at shoulder height. The player should also relax their arm and keep it open. The palm to be used to spike the ball should face away from the ear. The elbows are supposed to be raised above one’s head and the ball slammed using the heel of the hand followed by the fingers and the palm.

Making Contact

When the player contacts the ball, they should be at a height higher than that of the hitting shoulder. The athlete is also required to keep off the net during the attack. A vertical jump can therefore be more effective to achieve a successful spike.

Volleyball Spike Training Device

A volleyball spike trainer is made up of two parts i.e., an optional net and a ball holder. The training holder has vertical support that hoists the ball holding apparatus and the hopper in position. The balls from the equipment are always replaced continuously and move due to gravity on the slanted ramp. There is a lever that ensures that the balls loaded are separated so that they are released sequentially. It also has two hands that hold the ball at a height for the player to reach and slam on. The arms consist of one fixed arm and one movable pivoted arm which maintains a specific number of balls loaded on the device. When a player spikes a ball held on the arms, an extra ball is released from the holder and it drops to the arms.

Successfully spiking a ball is very satisfying for most players especially when they jump, hit, and smash the drill correctly, therefore, earning them more points. Continuous and repeated practice enables players to acquire the perfect skills and tactics that are needed in spiking. The equipment made for training helps players achieve different sets of skills. There is equipment made to train a player on how to swing their arm, make correct contact with the ball, and practice perfecting their footwork. Other equipment is designed such that a player can adjust it hence preventing any shoulder and neck pain after the exercise. Finally, some equipment has a speed control option and helps an athlete practice how to control the amount of impact they exert on a ball, the speed at which the ball is hit, and the timing before launching a hit.


Learning and mastering the skill of spiking during a volleyball game is every player’s dream. Spiking earns the team points and makes their chances of scoring high. Athletes normally engage in practice to perfect their skills, strategies, and skills in spiking techniques. There are several types of equipment available to players that help them practice repeatedly and continuously. The training apparatus eases the athletes exercising tasks and helps them improve and level up.

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