Want to Buy the M5 Band? Know This Review

The times have allowed technology-based companies to make smartwatches. One of the well-known products is the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 which can act as a tool to monitor health as well. You don’t need to go to the doctor regularly if you just want to monitor your daily health condition.

The cheapest way is to buy this smart watch at Even using it as a sleep monitor tool can also monitor whether you have slept for a sufficient amount of time or not. There are many more reviews that you need to know before buying this one product.

When Was It First Released?

The question most consumers ask is when will the M5 Band be released. This smartwatch has been out since July 16 2020. Users will be able to choose languages ​​starting from Chinese or English. There is a separate way to be able to change the language mode. So this smartwatch is designed for users from all parts of the world. You know that both of them are international languages.

Do you have an attractive design?

The popularity of an electronics really depends on its design, including in the case of smartwatches. Certainly, the Xiaomi company will not miss the design part, so it is made not much different from the previous series, namely the Mi Band 4. It’s just that there are some people who think that the design is a little less attractive than the Fitbit trackers.

The thing that slightly increases the design value of this product is the display that looks very contemporary. The screen part of the band is 1.1 inches in dimensions and already has AMOLED with a resolution of 126 x 294. The brightness section of this series has also been upgraded, making it better than the previous series. On the back of the band is a sensor that can detect the user’s heart rate.



Is it safe to use it every day?

It doesn’t matter what kind of cellphone you have, this band will work. Say you are using iPhones or Android other than Xiaomi, then you can still buy and use through your available cellphone now. This band is perfect for people to wear every day because it offers so many functions. For example, showing phone notifications, knowing weather forecast reports, controlling music that is being played via a smartphone.

For those of you who have insomnia problems, you can use this band to show how much sleep the user takes. Use of Mi Band 5 This is also useful for waking people up with an alarm. Owning this band can be of great help to the owner in many aspects. In addition, this Mi band is lighter and waterproof. But don’t ever try to swim using this watch.

What Are the Uses of Fitness Tracking?

You are overweight? Why not try to use the fitness tracking on the smartwatch. The GPS Signal sending feature can be useful to assist owners in carrying out various interesting outdoor activities, including fitness tracking.


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