If your device makes you pay monthly payments to carriers like Verizon’s, there are high chances that suggest that your phone is locked. If all the bills under the contract were paid at the time of the purchase with no further payments, then your device is most likely unlocked. Well, if you are confused about the nature of your phone, here are a few methods of figuring whether it is locked and unlocked.

  1. checking the device’s unlock status through the IMEI number.

Here are the total steps to go about it:

  1. dial *#06# to get the IMEI number, which is shown in a pop-up window.
  2. clicks on the website
  3. entering the IMEI number
  4. click on the warranty and carrier button.

There might a need to create a free account to make use of the service.

If you are an owner of the unlock iPhone 11 or other iPhone models, here is a way to do this:

  1. goes to settings
  2. goes to cellular
  3. opens cellular data
  4. the cellular data option should be available if the phone is of the unlocked type

after all this is done, you’ll need to submit a formal request to unlock the phone uncase it is locked. the information needed to be present along with the request is:

IMEI number

Customer’s account number

Social security number

Phone number

Deployment papers for overseas

Other ways to unlock your locked phone

Using a code to unlock the phone will depend on the nature of the device. After the request is sent. In the case of an android phone, the owner will receive a code from the carrier in the form of a text message or an on-device pop-up window. The owner will then need to shut down their device, which will remove the previous carrier’s sim card and install the new one, and it’s working on the device. The last step is to enter the unlock code, and the phone is ready for use

Wondering what your best option is to get your phone unlocked – here is an easy and reliable solution for you.

Movical is an online platform where you can trust an unlock on your phone. They are experts at unlocking phones from almost all providers or from any carrier around the globe. They use high-end technology to do so. To know more, check out their website and further information on how to contact them. As mentioned, the platform has professionals who are well equipped to crack any phone, such as unlock the iPhone 11, irrespective of the manufacturer and service provider.

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