Weed Lounge – The Making Of The Original Cannabis Cafe

The first of its kind in the USA is the Original Cannabis Cafe. The weed lounge located in West Hollywood, California, was launched on October 1st, 2019. The café was given a unanimous vote by the Hollywood Business License Commission. The cafe is the first to start a pre-roll brand in the state as well as in the country. Being the first cannabis café, a lot has been said about it. However, the café has made itself famous by participating in community events and even help Superbowl commercial ads.

The need for such a café was sparked by the aim of treating cannabis similarly to alcohol. Several steps were followed in making the café. The first step was allowing the sale of cannabis. Currently, cannabis can be smoked openly without the fear of stigmatization. Secondly, the farm wanted to come up with an open communal space where cannabis could be consumed. In the process, the cannabis café was developed.

The weed lounge is run by chief Chef Andrea Drummer, who is also a pioneer in the cannabis industry. Nonetheless, due to her determination, she is also one of the pioneers of the weed lounge. Through her expertise in creating CBD and THC dinners, she has developed a unique menu for cannabis café. The menu has been heightened and complemented with senses from cannabis. Besides, some of the Californian cuisines have also reflected in the menu with a spice of cannabis.

The California law does not allow CBD and THC in dishes, so the meals served at this marijuana cafe will not have cannabis. However, the facility will encourage smoking. Smoking at the café will be used to balance the increasing sense of smoking cannabis. To aid in selecting the products, the management has set aside tableside service. The doting flower hosts will guide on the potency and effect of the marijuana as they roll it. Nonetheless, the management has included a dab bar where the stronger strains of marijuana will be sold.

 On the other hand, the café also includes a lounge where the revelers can get a bite after smoking. The chef has created a wide array of dishes in the available sample menu. The menu includes some toasted walnut, fried chicken sandwich, and heirloom tomatoes. Besides, the café also has a wide range of desserts for people who crave sugary foods after smoking. Caramel popcorn, chili almonds, and ice cream sandwich include some of the desserts. Further, there is are mocktails in the café that offer non-cannabis buzz. Momilani, garnished with orchid to give the tongue a tingling sensation, is one of the unique mocktails offered.

However, being the first business in the US, the café has set its own rules. The café and lounge will be closed at 2 a.m. daily. However, the cannabis products will be sold latest by 9:50 p.m. The guests will, however, have the privilege of enjoying till the café closes. While the payments of food and drinks will be debit or credit card, marijuana products will be paid by cash only. The legal age for marijuana users to be allowed in the café will be 21 years.

This weed lounge is an excellent example of how businesses should have an interactive relationship with society. Besides, the café is also an example to the country since it has gratified marijuana, a product that can foster responsibility for the users.

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