What are the Qualities of a Doula?

If you are planning to become a doula, the first thing that you need to do is get a doula certificate for yourself. Unless you are certified to be a doula, people are not going to trust and call you home for your services. Once you are certified to become a doula and provide people with your services, you are going to get enquiries from more and more people.

However, there is something more than doula certification and it is time for you to know about it. In fact, there are certain qualities that you need to inculcate in yourself in order to become a good doula.

What are the qualities of a good doula?

  • A doula is always caring towards the would-be and new mothers: When you meet some of the top most doulas, you would notice that they are very caring, gentle and compassionate towards the other women.
  • A doula knows in and out about pregnancy, even if she has not been pregnant herself ever in her life: A doula has got to have immense knowledge about pregnancy and infants. They are hired to help and support would-be or new parents.
  • A doula is polite and soft-spoken: A doula can never be a rude person or a would-be or new mother would never be interested to hire them.
  • A doula is helpful towards the others around them: Doulas are very responsible beings and thus, they are always helpful. If you ask for any sort of help from them, if they are able to do it, they definitely provide you with their support.

After reading the top qualities of a good doula, if you think you can do justice to this profession, go ahead and do the course.  Once your course is over, you can surely get into this profession.

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