What Does a Domestic Abuse Lawyer Do?

Finding the right attorney for a given situation is a big part of going into a legal battle prepared. When you’re looking to exit a relationship that has become abusive, regular divorce and custody attorneys are not necessarily prepared for your unique challenges. That’s why there are lawyers who make it their job to understand the unique psychology of abusive relationships, as well as the paths to legal relief that protect those who are trying to exit the situation.

False Allegations and Defense

Often, the same lawyers who handle support for those looking to leave abuse are the best ones to turn to if you face a false allegation. There are several reasons for that, including the fact that those who make false claims of domestic abuse are frequently perpetrators themselves who are trying to cover their own tracks. If you’re not sure whether an attorney will hear you out when you’re facing allegations and you don’t know how to defend yourself, a domestic abuse lawyer Hernando County FL will not only be able to help you mount a good legal defense, but also to defuse allegations by avoiding situations that can be misconstrued. Defense against false claims of abuse starts with your own interaction with authorities and the court, so get the help you need.

Safety and Exit Plans

If you’re leaving an abusive partner who has not leveled accusations against you, an exit strategy that protects you from retaliation is vital. Using an attorney as a resource while planning the exit means having access to a network of resources for safe places to stay as well as detailed advice about pursuing protective orders and initiating ex parte custody proceedings if necessary. Whether your partner has been formally charged or not matters less than whether you will need help getting out and getting protected from further contact. You don’t have to wait for the police to charge an abusive partner, help is available now.

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