What happens when you don’t smoke for 30 days

Are you a smoker? Have you ever tried to stop smoking but failed in your attempt? If yes then you might find this article suitable with your situation. We already know that smoking is a bad habit that can lead to a lot of other diseases. In fact, a cigarette box will always come with a health warning that shows some possible diseases that you might get when you smoke. These diseases are possible to get because of the harmful substances that reside in the cigarette itself. A cigarette contains harmful substances such as tar and also nicotine that are bad for your body. These substances are the one that is responsible for giving you diseases such as lung cancer, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder), esophagus cancer and also mouth cancer. Not just that, anyone nearby that inhales cigarette smoke might also have the possibility of getting the same diseases. So, in order to stop this disease, smoking cessation is a must.

However, we all know that smoking cessation is a big ask. A lot of smokers had tried and failed miserably in their attempt. The reason for their failure is because they simply cannot cope with the urge to smoke. One substance that is causing the urge is nicotine. It is a cigarette’s substance that tells your brain to always go looking for a cigarette to smoke. But, some people managed to fight this urge. How did they manage to stop smoking? Well, the reason might be their motivation. One of the most important motivations that you need to keep reminding yourself when you try to stop smoking is the end result. Did you know what happens to your body when you start to stop smoking? Well, if you do not smoke for 30 days, your lungs will start to repair themselves. This is one of the biggest reasons why you need to always fight the urge. Once you start to stop smoking, your lung will be able to increase its function again. In a full 9 months’ time, the lung will return back to its normal self, like the one before you start smoking.

 At that time, you will feel very healthy and will appreciate all the hard work that you had done before. If you think that motivation alone is not enough for you, you can always try to search for other alternatives that can help with your smoking cessation process. Below are several common steps that you can choose if you want to stop smoking:

  1. Try nicotine replacement therapy

If you think that you are having difficulty in fighting the smoking urge alone, you can choose nicotine replacement therapy instead. This therapy includes the use of some devices such as nicotine patch, nicotine gum, nicotine lozenges and also another product that can help replace the cigarette. They are designed to give nicotine into your body, hence releasing the urge to smoke without even needing to touch a cigarette. Nowadays, you can easily find these products at any nearby pharmacy or local health store.

  1. Start a healthy lifestyle

A lifestyle includes exercising, eating healthily and having a peaceful mind. It is recommended to exercise 5 times per week in order to distract your thoughts from getting a cigarette. Besides, eating healthy food can also improve your overall health. So, start living a healthier life now or you will regret it later.

  1. Keep motivating yourself

As mentioned above, you need to keep reminding your brain about the end product, about what will happen to your body once you stop smoking. Remember, a strong will is the key in smoking cessation. So, good luck in your process.

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