What Is A Linear Ball Slide Used For?

The linear ball slide is a light guide with only low sliding resistance. It has low inertia and a tiny fractional sector. There are various types of linear Ball slides. As the name suggests, the ball is used as a rolling element. It has general specifications and various benefits. It has better versatility and load capacity.

Linear Motion Slide

The first one that comes in line is SHS. This type of ball bearing can eliminate the problem of friction and produce minimum noise. It has the power to eliminate noise, which can maintain the loud noise while working. It also has high speed along with maintenance-free operation.

SHS has the power to load four sides equally. It can also adjust the capacity of its own and comes in international standard size. It has high strength with a low center of gravity.


The next one is SSR which acts similarly to SHS. It also has the bearing capacity and produces no noise while working. It can have a high speed with maintenance-free operation. This model type is usually found in stainless steel and therefore has the power to adjust the capacity on its own. It is compact by nature and runs in the horizon plane.


It is another type of linear ball slide that reduces minimal noise and eliminates friction between bearings. Like the other two ball slides, it produces no noise while working and can operate at high speed. It has the power to carry heavy loads movable with delay. It can also improve dustproof performance with high endurance.


It is one of the best building element guide models. It also can eliminate friction between buildings and does not produce loud noise while walking. It can mean high speed along with maintenance-free operation. It usually has no center gravity and can bear four sides of the load equally. It also can adjust on its own with low dust generation.

There are other types of linear ball slides like SCR, EPF, HSR, GSR, etc. Every single type has its functionality and uses.

Bottom Line

Linear slide support and guide the moving parts and reciprocates linear motion in a specific direction. Due to their simplicity and load-bearing capacity, the combination of linear slides provides exponential results. It relies on lubricant and a low coefficient of friction. To learn more about linear ball slides, read online and gather information.

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