What Is And What Does A Concierge Do?

How many times have you been in a hotel with concierge service and you don’t take advantage of it because you don’t know what it is about? Well, today I’m going to tell you what that person called “concierge” is and what he does, so that on your next trip you can get the most out of it and achieve together that way, that your vacation becomes one of the best experiences of your life. 

What Is The Concierge Service?

The first thing I would like to highlight is the history and meaning of the word ” concierge “. The definition that seems to be the most accurate is the one that ensures that the concierge comes from the Latin “conservous”, which means “the guardian of the lamps” and was the one in charge of satisfying every wish or request of the royal visits to the palaces there. 400 years. 

Much later, in France , King Louis XI took up the concept and used it to refer to his trusted staff, who were in charge of satisfying all the demands of his guests at the royal palace; But it was not until the year 1500, when the monarchy fell and some refined lodging places appeared, that the ” concierge ” took a new course and became part of the staff of these places to dedicate themselves to guest care. Starting in 1900, the figure of the concierge became common in hotels, resorts, and high-class lodging companies. 

Today, the figure of the concierge is present and common, but many people still do not know how to take advantage of this service offered by many hotels, airlines, and resorts.

What Does A Hotel Concierge Do?

* If you are going on a romantic getaway and you want to surprise your partner with flowers and dinner in a special restaurant, the concierge can take care of both so that you enjoy and do not have to be looking for a flower shop and making a reservation at the restaurant. 

* Your luggage did not arrive? Well, you do not have to be calling the airline yourself, leave them a copy of your claim document and the concierge will be the one who is watching your luggage arrive at the hotel. 

* Do you have questions about the destination, services, tours? The concierge will explain, make reservations and everything you need will be at your fingertips. 

In short, the concierge is your best ally when it comes to turning your trip into a unique experience. 

If you need a rental car, reservations, services, flowers, chocolates, gifts, a dress…. Whatever you require, the concierge will get it for you. Today many hotels in Mexico offer this service. 

Is there an extra charge? Not! Using a hotel concierge service does not charge you extra, but it’s well worth leaving a good tip if it’s been satisfactory. However, if you hire an independent concierge to organize a very special trip for you, then there will be a charge, but also consider that thanks to their contacts and knowledge you can get better prices and unique services.

What does an airline concierge do?

When buying your plane ticket, you can have access to the concierge service with an extra charge, or sometimes it is offered for first class seats, everything will depend on the airline. More and more airlines are expanding their services and one of them is the benefit of having concierges that will make the travel experience more complete. What an airline concierge will do is hire transfer services, reserve accommodation, buy tickets for shows or book restaurants, everything will depend on the destination and the traveler.

What does the concierge do with a credit card?

Banks also offer concierge services to pamper their customers. It is a benefit that is regularly obtained with a platinum, premier, black credit card, or any of those of the highest category.

The concierge offers personalized attention to offer travelers the ease of obtaining tickets for shows, planning trips or, support in emergency situations.

What does an independent concierge do?

I could summarize it simply in that he is a travel agent specialized in some branch: trips as a couple, as a family, LGBT, high-end, to a destination … in short, the variants can be many. That concierge takes your idea of ​​the perfect trip for you and yours in his hands and makes it come true. Regularly in these cases, the concierge makes a charge and gets some commission, but it is well worth it when it comes to an incredibly special trip.

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