What is Guided Meditation?

Have you ever tried to meditate in life? Were you able to do it as you imagined it to be? Well, in most of the cases, the beginners who have recently started with meditational practice, are not able to focus their mind completely when they begin it. Our energies are not used to be in sync with one thought or one focus point. We face so many distractions that even if you try hard, the output isn’t favorable. Therefore, it happens in most of the cases, that people complain of headache or tend to leave the practice because of lack of desired results. For such people, it is important to know in the first place that- it happens with almost everyone in the beginning. And secondly, they can seek help from a guide, an expert who can ease their minds and thoughts to be at peace and point of focus gradually.

What is a guided meditation?

Guided meditation is no rocket science to understand! It is simply doing meditation under the guidance of someone who is an expert. When people find it difficult to enter the deep state of relaxation through meditation practice, helped by some guide can be a catalyst in achieving that state. It is a powerful way to eradicate stress and anxiety from life. if you are looking forward to inculcating some positive changes in your personality, you can opt for guided meditation. You will see the change.

How does it work?

There can be different formats for best guided meditation. In some places, classes are being held in physical form and the ‘teacher’ or ‘the guide’ facilitates her or his students to be able to meditate easily. In other places there are the camps that are held occasionally for taking up guided meditation classes for eg. you must have heard of “art of life meditation camp” etc.

But if you cannot follow any of these formats then there is another convenient way for you- opt for the guided meditation through online classes at your comfort of home or workplace. In this format, you can choose the time, space and duration for a meditation class. The guide helps you through visual or oral communication through the internet. There are various companies that facilitate guided meditation for practitioners across the globe who want to change their lives and bring more positivity around them through these online classes. One of these companies which are popularly working towards enhancing people’s concept of life and turning their back towards negativity through meditation is Mindvalley.

In all the above-mentioned formats of guided meditation, the guide asks you to sit or lie down at a comfortable place and listen to the instructions carefully. There can be certain visual or musical aids to enhance the deep sense of relaxation and peace of mind. With practice and time, the practitioner realizes that their mind starts entering into a peaceful hemisphere and their thoughts get better and clearer.

These practices should be taken up by trained or certified guides only. These experts understand the psychology of the human mind and have already gone through the difficult phase that everyone faces initially on the path of meditation. Meditation, as known as, the path of salvation from negativity and weakness, is an essential practice for human beings. If you are feeling that you are not able to find the right way to focus, seek help through the format of guided meditation.

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