What makes LaSirena69 Nudes so special?

If there is something that has kept everyone in quarantine entertained, it has been social networks, specifically on Instagram, where you can see infinities of content, from the funniest to the most erotic. Recently, Antonella Alonso, the renowned Venezuelan porn actress based in the United States, published a series of photographs to entertain her general public.

La Sirena 69 used quarantine well:

La Sirena 69 took advantage of the quarantine to upload some superhot and provocative photos on social networks. With each suggestive image, the number of your followers increases. A year ago Antonella Alonso, alias LaSirena69 Nudes, had retired from radio and was about to launch her YouTube channel. However, the Venezuelan model based in Miami put this project aside to focus on something more important: making a name for herself in the adult “entertainment” industry. Antonella is now determined to conquer the porn industry once and for all. Bluntly. It goes straight ahead. However, along the way he has encountered some obstacles that have frustrated his plans (yes, there are people who want to frustrate these plans), because even though it may seem easy, it takes ingenuity to find identity in this medium.

The interesting thing about La Sirena’s profile is that she is not the typical girl who shares sensual photographs on her social networks (although she does). Beyond that, or being the niece of that kind of telenovelarockstar that is MaríaConchita Alonso, she does not victimize herself when explaining why she wants to use sex as a springboard to boost her career. Sexuality is something you enjoy without complexes and that kind of freedom is contagious. From applying to SuicideGirls, to selling nudes and videos on the ‘Is my girl’ platform,Antonella told all the details about her journey through the universe of alternative soft porn.

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