What Type of Dock Should I Choose?

Building a new dock for your lakefront property can be an exciting design process. Starting with the type of dock you prefer can give you a foundation for the style and amenities you would like to include. Here are some of the most common dock styles that you can choose from.

Floating Dock

One of the most popular decks and docks West Palm Beach designs, a floating dock sits on top of the water and rises and falls with the water levels. It can be stored out of the water in winter if you live in an extremely cold climate where the lake will freeze. Floating docks work best in areas where the water is calm.

Piling Dock

A piling dock is a permanent structure that uses concrete, steel or wood pilings that are driven into the lakebed. This type of dock is extremely stable but doesn’t work well where water levels change often.

Pipe Dock

Pipe docks are usually constructed from aluminum and are less permanent than piling docks. They can be built in a variety of shapes and work well in shallow water. This dock can be stored out of the water during the winter months just like a floating dock.

Double-Decker Dock

Try saying that three times fast. This type of dock will become a permanent feature but allows for a variety of recreation. The lower level has boat slips while the upper level can be used as a lounge area. Slides can be attached from the upper level to the lake and jumping platforms can be installed if the water is deep enough.

Lift-Up Dock

Also called articulating docks, a lift-up dock can be useful when you want your dock out of the water during the winter months, but don’t want to worry about storage.

With so many choices you have to decide based on your climate, your budget and your recreational dreams.


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