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Boltless rack shelving is a heavy-duty type of shelving used as shelving solution for industrial warehouses, garage storage systems or any other kind of storage system. Also known as rivet shelving, it is easy to install assembled without bolt fasteners or nuts.

The underlying intention of boltless rack shelving is to provide a shelving structure that is quick to assemble and adjustable or reconfigurable.

Boltless rack shelves’ application

There are many types of boltless shelving that leverage different designs for either assembly or basic storage structure. It is available in various capacities generally capable of carrying 200pounds to as much as 2000pounds.

Boltless rack shelving that is used in industrial structures relies on hardware and assembly methods by installers such as Eonmetal Group to produce a robust storage structure. Expert installation is essential to hold the pieces together firmly.

Boltless rack shelving is an efficient and economical solution for many industries and warehouses. It is designed specifically for the storage of medium and small-sized loads for manual access. 

Apart from warehouses, bolt rack shelving is useful in many storage applications, especially when in combination with pallet racking. It is applicable in distribution centres, pharmacies, supply rooms, residential garages, archive records storage facilities to name but a few.

It can even be useful in catwalk systems and multi-level mezzanine systems.

Boltless shelving assembly

Assembling boltless shelves is easy. It doesn’t involve losable or difficult nuts or clips. The installer taps the rivets in the beams into the keyhole slots in the vertical metal posts. They only require a rubber mallet during assembly.

Boltless rack shelves designs

Boltless racks shelvings have simple parts that can lock rigidly together to form exceptionally sturdy shelving systems. They are available in many configurations and weight capacities according to the application. For instance, a warehouse shelving is usually more robust than a residential garage shelving.

Without sway panels and side braces, boltless rack shelving provides unobstructed access from all the four sides. It offers a simplified way of loading and unloading.

You can also add more units lengthwise or in terms of more depth and width to utilize your storage space.

For instance, one of the most popular designs of boltless shelving is wire rack shelving. This shelf design uses shelves constructed using heavy gauge welded wire. An installer fuses the vertical cylindrical metal into the shelf structure at all the corners of the rack. The legs of the unit fit through the vertical cylinders. The shelf weight locks the clips in place so that the legs don’t slip as the clip supports the shelf.

Wire rack shelving design is useful in medium-weight duty such as restaurants, shops and garages as it is not suitable for supporting hefty loads of weight.

The takeaway

Boltless shelving is a very versatile storage solution that is economical as well. It offers an efficient storage system for items that require manual access. Adopt it today and solve your storage problems.

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