What You Need To Know About Pharmacy IVR Software 

Running a pharmacy is about more than just how to make money, it is also about how to best serve your customers. By giving them options to get information about your store and their prescriptions over the phone, you are making it more convenient for customers to come back time and again to your location. This technology is called Interactive Voice Response and has been improving since it was invented in the 1970s and is practically everywhere you call.

What Is It?

Interactive Voice Response systems use technology to help customers refill prescriptions through call, text or email without tying up your personnel or even having to wait until business hours. You can even use this system to send out refill reminders and birthday greetings to your customers. IVR software for pharmacies California companies can work with to you choose the best features for your needs and those of your customers.

How Does It Work?

This type of system works through having a computer with the right software installed connected to the phone line. You can record preprogrammed responses and menu items which are accessed either through a touch-tone phone or through speech recognition software. You can even have text-block answers programmed into the system which are read by an automated voice once your customers access them. Each customer will have a personal identification number associated with their account so the computer system can accurately and securely provide information and take refill requests.

Why Do You Need It?

Customer service these days is as much about convenience as it is about friendly staff and quality product. With the right IVR software, your customers can call or text in a refill without having to wait until a pharmacist is available to answer the phone. This software can also answer basic questions such as store hours and can be set up to remind customers to pick up their prescriptions. Most times, you can seamlessly integrate this software with any apps or incentive programs your pharmacy offers to give your customers even more convenience when shopping with you.

Since it’s invention in the 1970s Interactive Voice Response software has grown ever more sophisticated. It is at the point now where you can assign your customers a PIN and they will be able to refill a prescription over the phone without having to wait for a pharmacist. You can also set up your system to push notifications for prescription pickups and give various menu options for them to choose from.


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