What You Should Know About Expert Witnesses

Court cases can vary significantly. While some are somewhat simple with a clear, obvious outcome based on the evidence, others require added knowledge. Therefore, in complicated cases, the defense or prosecution, or both, may hire expert witnesses. These individuals tend to have a significant impact on the outcome of the case. Therefore, this is what you should know about working with expert witnesses.

They Are Experts in Their Industries

There are many different types of expert witnesses. For example, if you have a case that deals with money laundering, embezzlement, tax evasion, fraud or another financial crime, you may need a financial expert witness. If you need to know whether a building or bridge was built according to safety protocols and building codes, you may consult with an engineering expert.

However, a case that involves violence may require the help of a forensic or medical expert. Mental health experts help the judge determine the ability of a person to stand trial and may help the jury understand the extent of mental health damage done to a witness or victim by a criminal. Vocational experts are often used in workers compensation cases because they specialize in determining whether individuals can return to their jobs.

They Have Specialized Knowledge and Experience

Not everyone can be an expert witness. These individuals are considered experts in their fields. This means that they have extensive knowledge, possibly including advanced degrees. They also have extensive experience in the industry. They may also have published scholarly, peer-reviewed papers or books on the topic of their expertise.

They Are Impartial

Expert witnesses form an opinion based entirely on the case facts. Therefore, the witness cannot be persuaded by the side of the lawsuit that hires them. For example, they cannot view the evidence from a biased perspective just because they were hired by the prosecution. They also have to prove why they came to the conclusions they did.

Expert witnesses are valuable assets in a legal trial because they use their knowledge to provide unbiased opinions based on the case evidence.

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