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When Is the Right Time for the Chemical Cleaning of Your AC?

Just like a Television, refrigerator, microwave oven, etc., an AC has also become an integral part of all the houses in Singapore. Like every other electrical appliance, the aircon unit should also be checked periodically to make sure that everything is working properly. Ignorance can result in reducing the efficiency of your AC by 5% every year.

Aircon chemical washing has become the most preferred way of AC maintenance, and many Singaporean AC maintenance services offer wonderful service in this case. One of such options is 7Days Aircon Servicing. They guaranteed complete cleaning and servicing of your aircon when hired. You can visit their webpage to know about their aircon chemical wash price

Chemical Washing of Your AC

As the name says, chemical cleaning of the aircon unit is a way of cleaning every part of an air conditioner unit in detail. Here, a type of chemical will be used for cleaning the small devices inside the AC, and hence the name. Instead of planning to go with the DIY chemical washing of your AC, it is suggested to hire professional help.

Choosing for AC Maintenance

Here are some of the instances that will suggest the right time for hiring a professional for the cleaning of your AC.

1.   Increase in Your Electricity Bill

Most of the time, you might have noticed that there is a rapid increase in your electricity bill when compared with that of the previous months. When this happens, it is understood that you should hire the help of a professional AC cleaning service.

2.   Inefficiency to Produce Cold Air

The cause of the cold air circulation into the room from the AC unit is the condenser and a fan coil unit. If these units become dirty because of the accumulation of dust or dirt particles, then there will be no or low flow of cool air into the room. When this happens, you should look for a professional AC servicing company.

3.   Water Leakage

If you notice the water leakage from your aircon unit, then understand that there is something wrong with the normal working mechanism of your aircon. The accumulation of dust particles or the intrusion of insects inside the water pipes can cause water leakage, and it is time to hire professional help.

4.   Bad Odour from Your AC

The accumulation of bacterial colonies inside the fan coil can mix some bad odour along with the cool air that flows from the air conditioner unit. Chemical cleaning is an ideal choice for removing such bacterial colonies completely from the fan coils.

5.   Allergies Acting Up

The circulation of unhealthy air into an environment can make a person fall sick without any actual problem. The allergies acting up suddenly can also be the cause of the same reason. When this happens, you should understand that the air getting circulated from your aircon unit is not clean and hygienic, and hence it needs the attention of a professional.

Many such signs indicate that it is time for the chemical washing of your aircon unit. Learn to notice such signs or completely avoid them from showing up with the idea of regular maintenance of your AC. Hire professional help today.

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