When should you Fire your Incompetent Bankruptcy Attorney 

In the event, your bankruptcy attorney is not providing you with competent representation, consider changing the attorney. Let us delve into learning about the concerned points indicating the right time to replace your incompetent attorney with a bankruptcy attorney Charleston, WV

Firing the bankruptcy attorney 

The most common complaints made by clients would be about their attorney not replying to emails or returning phone calls promptly. Rest assured that lack of communication is not the reason for firing your attorney; it could be an indicator of higher problems. Communicate to your attorney about you being unhappy with his or her services. A majority of attorneys would understand and meet your expectations. However, if he or she does not have the required competence for handling your case, the time is right to fire your bankruptcy attorney. 

Signs to Replace your bankruptcy attorney 

If the performance of your bankruptcy attorney is hampering your case, consider these tips to replace your attorney. 

  • Your attorney does not reply to emails or return calls 

Despite an attorney being a busy person, answering your queries is an integral part of their job. Therefore, an attorney repeatedly failing to return your calls or emails and does not inform you about the case, you may be dealing with an incompetent attorney. 

  • Your attorney does not have the skills to handle the case 

With bankruptcy being a specialized area of law, the attorney handling one kind of bankruptcy case may not be aware of the skills required to handle other kinds of bankruptcy cases. Every attorney should represent clients with utmost competency. Look for a new attorney if your attorney is incompetent to handle your case. 

  • Your attorney does not advise you about your responsibilities and rights 

The aim to hire an attorney should be to take the mystery out of the bankruptcy process and ensure that your case goes smoothly. The job of your attorney would be to inform you about everything that you should do throughout the process. If he fails to do so, consider he is incompetent and lacks knowledge. 

  • Your attorney misses court hearings or meetings 

If your attorney does not show up for scheduled appointments or court hearings, consider looking for another available option. It would be a better option than to risk your case being dismissed due to non-appearance by your attorney. 

Firing your bankruptcy attorney could result in delays and the additional cost of hiring a new one. Therefore, it should be your last resort to change your bankruptcy attorney. If you have to replace your attorney, consider choosing the one who could replace and handle your case competently and effectively. 

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