When should you hire a workers compensation attorney?

Generally, the system put in place by the government to deal with worker’s compensation issues often works well. However, in some instances, a dispute on how to deal with the cases may arise, forcing the parties to seek assistance from experienced attorneysSeveral circumstances necessitate the hiring of afederal workers compensation attorneyThese instances include;

 Your benefits are delayed or denied

Nearly 80% of employees fail to pursue their benefits after their employers or insurers deny the workers’ compensation benefits have been denied fail to pursue benefits. If your employer or his or her insurance company denies or delays your benefits, you should appeal or seek legal remedy. A workers’ compensation lawyer can offer you guidance through the process of seeking justice.

Your benefits fail to cover your total lost wages and medical bills

In some instances, your employer or the insurance company may calculate your wage loss benefits in a way that disadvantages you. Incorrect calculations may result in fewer benefits than you deserve, which could be an issue if your medical bills are not adequately covered. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can ensure that you secure the benefits you require to cater for appropriate medical care.

You have been severely injured and can’t work for a long duration

If you get a long-term or permanent injury, your treatment needs and health costs may be considerable. In such circumstances, your employer will likely struggle to minimize your benefits to avoid paying enormous expenses. If you sustain a permanent injury and cannot work, an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can assist you to get long-term benefits.

You have a third-party claim

The workers’ compensation scheme is fashioned to protect employers from civil claims. Nonetheless, some cases may warrant civil claims. In the event that defective equipment brought about your injuries, you can file a claim against the maker of the equipment. Civil claims might result in larger compensation because you can go after both economic and non-economic damages. Experienced workers’ compensation lawyers can assist you in determining the appropriate way to proceed in your case.

You face potential retaliation in your workplace due to the injury

If your employer seems to retaliate against you after filing a workers compensation claim, you should contact a workers’ compensation lawyer immediately. The retaliation may take several forms, including demoting you, reducing your hours, terminating your employment, and harassing you.

Hiring an experienced workers compensation attorney can assist you in getting justice in case of employer retaliation after an injury.

You disagree with your employer about your ability to work

Employers or their insurers might claim that you can get back to work with modified duties to suspend or minimize your benefits. In case of disagreement, a federal workers compensation attorney can assess your situation and give evidence of your medical condition. By hiring an experienced lawyer, you ensure that you are not left jobless and minus benefits.

Your employer claims that worker’s compensation does not cover you

A few employees do not qualify for workers’ compensation under most states’ laws. The workers compensation act might not cover employees in the following fields. Such workers may include:

  • longshoremen
  • Casual employees
  • Railroad workers
  • Federal workers
  • Volunteer workers
  • Agricultural laborers
  • Domestic workers

In the event that the employer claims that you are an independent contractor when you are a full-time employee, you should contact an attorney to look at your field of labor and employment agreement to advise you accordingly.


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